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HARPER HONEY (unique item)

€ 125,00 (inclusief 21% BTW)
Voorraad 1 stuk

HARPER HONEY has the sweet look of golden honey mixed with some colorful, cool attitude. The perfect mix.


A 4 layered leather bracelet made from 100% high quality leather (outside: green, purple,honey) The edges have 6 layers of edgepaint and are painted, decorated en coated by hand. The headbuttons are metallic black.


Size: 16 cm circumference/ omtrek  (5,5cm cross-section /doorsnede)


HARPER HONEY is a unique piece of wearable art and will only be made once. (signed on the inside)

It is possible to put a small text, name, number on the inside of the bracelet. Write the exact words(you want in the bracelet) in the comment section . example: I would like to have " with love" written in the bracelet.




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